National and State Branch Contacts List


WA Branch Executive

Chris Callus
W: 08 9444 6333
M: 0431941961
E: Click Here

Vice President
Brady Williams
E: Click Here
M: 0411 088 809

Alison Hayden
M: 0417 938 676
Aranmore College
E: Click Here

Membership Registrar
Brady Williams
M: 0411 088 809
E: Click Here


The PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION for Religious Educators and Chaplains

Objectives of the Association:

  • To promote co-operation and understanding among educators in schools and universities working in the field of spirituality, ethics, philosophy, values and religious education.
  • To promote the teaching of religious studies and foster the development of religious education in schools and universities and thus promote the educational goals of these institutions.
  • To promote curriculum planning and research in schools and universities into the study of the teaching of religion. To foster conferences, seminars, publications and other activities which will improve in schools and universities the quality of teaching and research in the field of religious education.
  • To assist the work of chaplaincy and pastoral care in schools and other educational institutions.
  • The Association serves as the professional voice to various State and National educational authorities on relevant matters.

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Membership of the A.A.R.E. provides a range of benefits. Many members over the years have found it an organisation that has supported them personally and professionally while helping them to enhance their own educational and pastoral work as Religious
Educators. A discount is also offered to financial members for many Association functions.

The Association seeks to represent religous educators and chaplains to State (e.g. SCSA and DET) and National (e.g. ACARA) educational bodies and forums and to meet their varying needs by providing a range of resources and events.

* Biannual Journal and other Publications * State and National Networking * Professional Development (e.g. biennial National Conferences) * Resource sharing * Discounts to Association functions * Collegial support

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